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Annual Sportsfest Returns for Arcanys Summer Games 2024 

June 13, 20243 min read

Fostering a strong sense of community and encouraging a balanced lifestyle through daily movement are among our core principles here at Arcanys. That's why we're super excited to revive our beloved Sportsfest this year, which we wrapped up with a Grand Finale at our annual Summer Outing at Movenpick Cebu in Mactan island last May 18.

Arcanys Summer Games 2024

Before we dive into details of that exciting day at the beach though, here’s a recap of the month-long Arcanys Summer Games 2024!

Officially launching on the 18th of April, the Sportsfest brought together three teams from all corners of the country to compete in various ball games and competition, with over 60 people actually flying to Metro Cebu (on company expense) to work here for a few days leading up to the big day.

Over 100 Arcanytes, divided into three teams—Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire—were thrilled to play some of their favorite sports (namely Badminton, Volleyball, & Basketball) again with colleagues. 

Just look at the basketball players in their spiffy new jerseys! ⛹️‍♂️

Designed to test the strength, endurance, teamwork, and tactical skills of Arcanytes, the games (for the very first time in Arcanys Sportsfest history) also included Strength & Cardio challenges. 🏃‍♂️🚴

And of course, it was held in our very own Arcanys CrossFit gym. 🏋️‍♀️

Not one to say “no” to any challenges, our co-founder Alan Debonneville also joined in the games and actually helped his team snag the Volleyball Championship and the 2nd Place in the Strength and Cardio Challenges!

“I enjoyed the Arcanys Summer Games because it fostered healthy competition. It was an avenue where we could have fun competing with our colleagues and at the same time build teamwork. Company events like this are important because it can boost employee engagement and morale.”
- Jerome, Software Developer from Manila

Each event was marked by intense competition, sportsmanship, and the unwavering support of fellow Arcanytes, making every moment unforgettable.

Lasting 4 weeks with over 200 Arcanytes competing in various sports and challenges and burning off thousands of kilocalories... the Arcanys Summer Games all led up to a spectacular Grand Finale at our annual Summer Outing at Movenpick Cebu Resort on May 18—a day packed with fun activities, perfect for relaxation and bonding.

“Given it was my first time to host the event, it was nerve-racking yet so exciting at the same time. A big shout out to the team behind the event who prepared everything, even our scripts were prepared by them!”
- Mags, Project Coordinator from Cagayan de Oro

We kicked things off with a lively Zumba session that got everyone energized and ready for the festivities. The dance moves and upbeat music set the tone for a day full of happy camaraderie, with everyone dancing and laughing together.

After competing in the month-long Sportsfest, teams Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire eagerly tried to rack up more points for their teams in two more challenges at the Arcanys Summer Games Finale: the Team Cheering competition and the "Larong Pinoy" relay race.

For the team cheering competition, each group showcased their creativity and team spirit with spunky chants and impressive routines. The enthusiasm was contagious, and it was clear each team put in a lot of effort to shine.

Next was one of the day’s highlights, the “Larong Pinoy” relay race. These traditional Filipino games brought back nostalgic childhood memories for many Arcanytes and sparked some friendly competition. Classics like karera ng sako (sack race), tumbang preso, takyan, and kadang-kadang sa bao provided endless fun and laughter.

After all the excitement of the two challenges, Arcanytes took a much-needed break to recharge, as well as their lunch for some sustenance.

It was quite a close race and everyone was waiting for the final scores with bated breath. But there can only be one winner and the honor of Arcanys Summer Games 2024 Champion went to… the amazing Team Sapphire! 🎉

Arcanys Summer Outing 2024 champions

None went home empty-handed though because all three teams received generous cash prizes. 🥳

It was a moment of pride and celebration as we recognized the participation of all the players, cheerleaders, and moral supporters.

“The Arcanys Summer Outing gave us the chance to meet our teammates in person once again. It was a lot of fun and we were able to build camaraderie and teamwork, as well as have some friendly competition through the games and activities prepared for us. This kind of event, for me, is very important since we are working remotely most of the time. This gives us a chance to bond, relax, and be much closer with our colleagues, especially with our project team members with whom we work daily.”
- Geenie, Project Coordinator from Manila

Bringing back our annual Sportsfest and capping it off with an epic Summer Outing really shows off the vibrant culture we have at Arcanys. These events aren't just about getting fit and enjoying some friendly competition; they're about strengthening our bonds as colleagues… friends… teammates.

Arcanys Summer Outing 2024 team photo

Reflecting on the months of April and May, we’re so grateful for the chance to come together, compete, and celebrate. We can’t wait for more get-togethers in the future and for more opportunities to make the Arcanys team even stronger and more connected.

Wanna be part of a supportive tech team that enjoys great health & wellness benefits? Check our vacancies and see if you want to be one of us.

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Line Arias

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