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Top 22 Benefits of Working at Arcanys

May 14, 20244 min read

Aside from our continuous growth and receiving various recognition from clients and tech review sites alike, what we're especially proud of is maintaining the happiness and satisfaction indices of Arcanytes. Our mission still holds true—Once an Arcanyte, we want you to stay, and be happy to do so, for as long as possible. And so far, many people have stayed rather than gone. Some have even come back. Why? Here are some of the awesome reasons:

1. Semi-flexible schedule. Choose to log in earlier or later, as long as your project schedule permits. 

2. Remote work setup. Work from home, in a cafe, or at the office—as long as you keep safe and stay productive.

3. International environment. Collaborate closely with colleagues with diverse cultural perspectives.

4. Flat management and open-door policy. Openly share your feedback and ideas with clients or company leaders. Your input is valued and you can participate in decision-making processes.

5. Trainings on skills and interests. Upgrade your skill set with paid weekend training where you can earn up to PHP4000/month at the same time. Or enhance your communication skills with English classes if you feel the need for it. You may also take advantage of our Sponsored Certification training and exam for AWS and ISTQB, with pay incentives when you pass.

6. Challenging projects. Contribute to exciting projects from international clients in various industries such as fintech, health, media, information technology, management consulting, and infrastructure. Plus, we don’t just say yes to any and all enterprises that come. We meticulously choose clients who bring us the kind of challenging projects we love working on.

7. Work-from-home allowance. Get a monthly subsidized allowance for electricity, internet, and lunch, because we understand that working from home comes with added expenses. Is that great or what?

8. Home office reimbursement. Set up your home office to reflect your style and needs (up to PHP15k). If you need other tools to stay productive, we’ll help you get it.

9. Teambuilding activities. Spend time with your team with sponsored activities of your choice, every 2 months—on us!

10. Up to P50,000 referral bonus. If you know other great developers and get them to join the team, you get a cash reward for every successful referral.

11. 10 vacation leaves + 5 sick leaves annually. Plus, have the flexibility to compensate for work hours if you don’t want to use your VL/SL credits.

12. Paternity/maternity leaves. Embrace new parenthood with paid leaves and a cash allowance.

13. Full medical insurance. Get coverage immediately upon hiring! We also cover up to 3 immediate dependents for every employee.

14. Executive check-up. Arcanytes aged 30 and above are eligible for a preventive health assessment to stay healthy, detect health problems early, and manage existing conditions.

15. Free access to our very own Arcanys CrossFit gym. It offers yoga, Zumba, weight lifting, and of course, Crossfit, and other classes in the future, too! Or get a membership at your preferred gym at our expense, whichever works best for you. 

16. Free fitness tracker. We can provide a Garmin Watch to help you keep track of your workouts and conveniently upload them to our ArcWorkouts app.

17. Nutrition counseling and fitness coach consultation. Get tailored advice from in-house licensed nutritionists and certified fitness coaches to achieve your personal health goals.

18. Incentive-based wellness program. Logging workouts through ArcWorkouts (our internal activity app) gets Arcanytes to sweat for a cause, get some time off, and earn up to an additional Php1k monthly. Each logged 30-minute workout:

  • Funds one child’s math session through the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation.
  • Entitles you to an additional 20-minute break—earn up to 4 hours of time off from your billable work hours!

19. Mental health services. We prioritize the holistic health of our employees, including mental and emotional well-being, by partnering with Mind You, a leading provider of mental health services offering counseling, webinars, and other resources. Our goal is to make mental health support for all Arcanytes accessible and meaningful, so you thrive personally and professionally.

20. Free Toastmasters membership. Create international connections, learn the fine art of public speaking, and further develop your skills in communication and leadership with fellow toasties.

21. Travel incentives for tenured employees. Every year, Arcanytes who have been with the company for at least 5 years get to go on an annual company-sponsored trip, with a plus-one, as a special treat. Since it started, the group has already been to Bohol, Boracay, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

22. Company activities. We always make our gatherings worth it with surprise-filled Year-end Parties, Summer Outings, and Fun Days. If you live outside of Cebu, we cover your transportation, accommodation, and food just so you can come and hang out!

So, are you looking for a dynamic IT company where you can grow with exciting projects and happy people? Check out jobs for you now! For any questions, drop us a line at hr@arcanys.com.

Normie Saavedra

Normie Saavedra

Recruitment specialist

Normie Saavedra

Recruitment specialist

Normie is a Recruitment Specialist at Arcanys. She has extensive Recruitment experience in BPO and IT Industry. Her positive aura is her insignia and a vital contribution to the team's dynamics. She's interested in things that positively affect people's lives so she chose to focus on Recruitment. She believes in work-life balance so she pursues her passion for traveling whenever she can.