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Globetrotting with Arcanys: 5-Year Club Adventures

November 29, 20235 min read

Creating a positive work environment and fostering work-life balance are essential for employee satisfaction. At Arcanys, we understand the importance of investing in our employees' well-being, which is why we continuously strive to enhance our employee benefits. One of the perks here at Arcanys is the 5-Year Club Trips, an initiative designed to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of employees who have rendered at least five years to the company.

The 5-Year Club trips offer a unique opportunity for Arcanytes to come together and enjoy a few days away from the hustle and bustle of work. And this year, the group visited the culture and financial hub of Asia—Hong Kong. 

A Sensory Symphony: Exploring the Delights of Hong Kong

Last October 27 to 29, the Arcanys 5-Year Club had their adventure at the lovely metropolitan! From the breathtaking views at Victoria's Peak to the bustling night markets, they certainly enjoyed the rich culture and lively ambience of this incredible Asian city.

Arcanytes also had the chance to experience the thrills of Ocean Park and the magic of DisneyLand.

One of the highlights of their trip was witnessing the enchanting skyline and the Symphony of Lights show at the iconic harbor.

Whichever may be the most memorable for each, the trip was filled with laughter, good eats, and tons of adventure—definitely unique memories that will probably last a lifetime. Hong Kong was truly captivating! ❤️

At Arcanys, we don't mess around when it comes to picking vacation spots for our 5-Year Club Trips! Hit that five-year milestone, and you're in for a treat. So where have this bunch of long-time colleagues been before, you ask? Well, let’s tackle that one year at a time, shall we? 🌎

Year 1 (2017) : Bohol - "Island of Tranquility"

The adventure began in the pristine paradise of Bohol, a small island in the Philippines famous for its Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, and the lovely Bohol Bee farm. They spent our days exploring white sand beaches, swimming with vibrant marine life, and bonding over yummy food and beer on the beach. The tropical beauty of Bohol certainly set the stage for an unforgettable start to our 5-Year Club tradition.

Year 2 (2018): Boracay - "Island Paradise"

Year two took us to the ever-popular Boracay, where they basked in the sun, went island hopping, and indulged in thrilling water activities such as riding banana boats and parasailing. And to cap off our trip, they dined on delicious fresh seafood and had a ball experiencing the lively nightlife of Station 2. Boracay certainly offered us a delightful taste of the perfect tropical paradise.

Year 3 (2019):  Taiwan - "A Glimpse of Asia"

Year three marked the first international adventure, taking them to Taiwan. They explored bustling night markets, visited the Taipei Zoo, and marveled at the architectural wonder that is Taipei 101. They also walked the charming streets of Jiufen and made their wishes on Shifen lanterns, which definitely added a spirit of magic to the trip that year.

Year 4 (2020):  Malaysia - "Cultural Melting Pot"

In year four, the group ventured to the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia. From the towering Petronas Towers to the bustling street markets in Kuala Lumpur, they soaked in the rich cultural tapestry that the Malaysian capital had to offer. And of course, they couldn’t pass up chowing down some delicious local cuisine, too! A highlight was their visit to Selangor, where they personally saw the giant statue of Hindu God of War Murugan at the entrance of the amazing Batu Caves.

Year 5 (2022): Singapore - "The Lion City"

After a short hiatus, we had our fifth 5-Year Club adventure in the dazzling city-state of Singapore. My first time joining the group, the group explored the iconic Gardens by the Bay, indulged in delectable hawker food, and marveled at the blend of modernity and tradition in this beautiful metropolis. Our visit to Sentosa Island also brought endless laughter, as we tested our courage on thrilling rides at Universal Studios Singapore.

We can barely wait for #5YC2024.

Apart from exploring these amazing places, the 5-Year Club Trips give our employees a chance to hang out with their coworkers beyond work hours. It's all about building connections and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among our long-standing team members, which is a crucial aspect of our company culture.

In a world where employee satisfaction and retention are paramount, we aim to continuously enhance our standards for employee perks by embracing the motto: "Work hard, play hard." We intend to foster a work environment where everyone is valued and appreciated. Ultimately, that’s the goal of the Arcanys 5-Year Club. 

Wanna have the chance to come on future 5-Year Club trips? Then check out our open jobs page today and find out which vacancies can be yours. 

Normie Saavedra

Normie Saavedra

Recruitment specialist

Normie Saavedra

Recruitment specialist

Normie is a Recruitment Specialist at Arcanys. She has extensive Recruitment experience in BPO and IT Industry. Her positive aura is her insignia and a vital contribution to the team's dynamics. She's interested in things that positively affect people's lives so she chose to focus on Recruitment. She believes in work-life balance so she pursues her passion for traveling whenever she can.

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