Our Story

From Switzerland to the Philippines.

Arcanys is a Swiss software development outsourcing firm in the Philippines.

Founded in Cebu City in 2010 by a team of serial entrepreneurs, and benefiting from the extraordinary skills of Filipino tech professionals, our company focuses on bringing businesses closer to users.

Arcanys helps technology teams start, experiment, evolve, and scale by hiring and training the best software developers in the Philippines. We specialize in developing high-quality software for startups and established businesses, with a keen focus on innovation.

Evolving into a startup incubator and established-business accelerator.

We have a passion for enabling business creation for people with fresh ideas. Over the years, Arcanys has grown from a classic software outsourcing company into an engine for launching new ventures and business ideas, propelling many startups off the ground and accelerating SMEs’ development process.

Through our investment initiative Arcanys Labs, we help startups grab a strong competitive advantage and be on the market as soon as possible, attracting bigger investments and generating revenue earlier.

Technology: a longstanding entrepreneurial love affair.

Born and raised in Switzerland, both Alan and Fred fell in love with technology long before the Internet became mainstream and had spent their entire careers in mostly e-commerce and software projects.

Leaving the comforts of Switzerland for Spain in 2001, Alan co-founded and ran an online video game startup, which later expanded to Hong Kong in 2003. It grew to have 350 customer service and software development staff, one million customers in a year, $90 million in revenue, and received over $80 million of VC investments.

In 2009, Fred joined Alan on his second venture in Hong Kong, after spending many years working in mergers as well as acquisition and reorganization projects for a top financial organization in Switzerland. Before then, he also monitored outsourcing suppliers as a corporate buyer and became the youngest IT board member of a listed company at age 25.

A year later, Alan and Fred moved their second venture to the Philippines, and the perfect marriage of entrepreneurial experience and passion for tech led to the creation of Arcanys.

Alan Debonneville
Alan Debonneville

Alan is a Swiss technology entrepreneur who has been living in Asia for 15 years, including the last 8 years in the Philippines. His first tech company, in Hong Kong and Shanghai, reached over 300 employees and raised 80M+ USD from Goldman Sachs and other banks in 2006. Since then, he has started multiple other companies. Arcanys, the current company he co-founded in Cebu, employs 150 people serving Swiss, European and Australian software companies. He is also an active mentor and lecturer with the MassChallenge accelerator in Lausanne, and the administrator of the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation, an NGO with 20 full-time teachers active in Cebu that has helped over 3,000 families teach mathematics to their children.

Frederic Joye
Frederic Joye

Fred had been working on IT and operational projects in the finance and software industry in Switzerland for 10 years before co-founding Arcanys in 2010. He carefully negotiated with and managed outsourcing suppliers as a corporate buyer on the one hand, and led delivery teams as an internal provider to operational departments at an executive level of listed companies in Switzerland, on the other. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, Fred is now leading the worldwide sales and marketing efforts of Arcanys.

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