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From Switzerland to the Philippines.

Arcanys is a Swiss software development outsourcing company with offices in Cebu City, Philippines. Run by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs and benefiting from the extraordinary skills of Filipino professionals, our company specializes in developing high-quality software from startups to established businesses, with a strong focus on innovation.

Evolving into a startup incubator and established business accelerator.

We have a passion for enabling business creation for people with fresh ideas. Over the years, Arcanys has grown from a classic software outsourcing company into an engine for launching new ventures and business ideas, propelling many startups off the ground. BUT also accelerating SMEs with their development needs by extending teams. We help them be on the market faster, getting more investments at a higher valuation.

The Tech world: a longstanding entrepreneurial love affair.

Alan Debonneville

Alan has built 2 successful online businesses before Arcanys (plus the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation). One of the businesses had up to 350 staff, was delivering over 5,000 orders a day and USD 90M of revenue per year. Got above 80M of VC investment in 2007.

Frederic Joye

Been in IT (Merger and Acquisition + Reorganisation) projects in the finance industry in Switzerland, closely monitoring outsourcing suppliers (as a corporate buyer in the B2B sphere) and youngest IT board member of a listed company at 25.

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