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2017 Summer Outing at Solea Resort Mactan

June 05, 20171 min read

Every summer has its own story.

We made ours at Solea Resort Mactan where it gave our employees a chance to loosen up and “recharge” their batteries. Aside from having fun, the summer outing gave us an opportunity to develop and strengthen our team’s bond.

Summer Begins

Arcanys software developers, coding jedis, and master gamers were welcomed in the lagoon area of Solea Resort Mactan, where a huge tent was prepared for the whole team. The sweltering morning heat last May 27 didn’t stop anyone from actively and enthusiastically participating in the games.

The Arcanys R&R team prepared a whole day of fun and games with a Zumba session to warm up everyone. The final game required some acrobatic moves, so imagine how helpful the warm-up session was!

The day went by so fast and it filled up a good amount of summer memories that the team cherished. Who would forget a day of good food, a lot of laughter, great company, and an amazing Pacific summer breeze to complete the occasion.

The best part was the final game–the most awaited moment where the cash prize was claimed by the winning yellow team.

Outings like these are always a great way to bond and we’re fortunate to be based in a city where the beach is less than an hour’s ride away!

Normie Saavedra

Normie Saavedra

Recruitment specialist

Normie Saavedra

Recruitment specialist

Normie is a Recruitment Specialist at Arcanys. She has extensive Recruitment experience in BPO and IT Industry. Her positive aura is her insignia and a vital contribution to the team's dynamics. She's interested in things that positively affect people's lives so she chose to focus on Recruitment. She believes in work-life balance so she pursues her passion for traveling whenever she can.

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