Startup Crash Course 101: How To Put Together & Manage A Tech Team

So you’ve got a world changing idea that you want to develop into an app or online system? You start gathering ideas, pitching these ideas to potential investors and reach the stage of development. So, what next?There are Continue Reading.

7 Basic Interview Practices That You Should Not Forget

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Last month I published an article entitled “5 Tips for Developers Conducting Interviews” gleaned from my experience as a recruiter working with technical hiring managers. Then I thought, what about the candidates? What should they be looking out for when landing that interview? Here are some tips to consider when you...

FEATURED DEVELOPER: Milcah, the Cheetah-loving Java Developer

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One of Arcanys’ strength is its employees; we are proud to be featuring them in this portion. You can get a glimpse of them now, and who knows, they might be your colleague in the near future!How long Continue Reading.

5 Tips for Developers Conducting Interviews

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When I first joined the IT recruitment scene I got quite the culture shock, coming from a background of working in Human Resources for the United Nations. Back then, and in spite of regular criticism of the UN, we received CVs by the thousands from Continue Reading.

We Take Risks With Startups, Because We Know How to Make Our Investments Work

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This article was originally published on: Swiss investor from the Philippines Frederic Joye speaks about problems and solutions in tech startups, analyses differences in European and Asian startup scenes, describes new funding opportunities for startups and shares important advices for tech founders. .

CUPID & SINGING TELEGRAMS: How We Celebrated V-Day 2017

Valentine's Day

Here at Arcanys, we always try to find the perfect excuse to spice up a work day. Our office events are always the bomb! This year, we celebrated Valentine’s day with Guardian Angel messages, gifts, and singing telegrams. Check out our fun photos below! .

Why Arcanys Labs is What Startups Need Right Now

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Got a world-changing idea but can’t seem to find the sweet spot between raising enough funding and finding a tech team to help you build a product? Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to raise funding instead of working getting your startup off the ground, and with a package...

Arcanys is Now an AWS Certified Partner (and What it Means to Our Customers)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner

2017 is going to be a big year for Arcanys and our customers! As part of our promise to help enterprises run mission-critical workloads work 24/7 without a glitch, we are now officially recognized as an Amazon Web Continue Reading.

7 Signs Your Remote Meetings are Ineffective

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Meetings are an essential part of any business operation. Regular interactions with co-workers promote a good working relationship and facilitates an alignment of goals across various departments. However, meetings that are not conducted properly can be a waste of time or drain company finances. In the US alone, unnecessary meetings are...

4 Strategies to Keep Your Developers Productive

Strategies to Keep Your Developers Productive

The software development industry thrives because of its constant and high-speed evolution. With the cost of web and software development services rising, it only makes sense to take the necessary steps to improve the efficiency and productivity of your development. Many scholars Continue Reading.