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8 Reasons Why Software Developers in the Philippines Choose to Pursue a Career at Arcanys

January 25, 20235 min read

Today, Arcanys boasts a roster of over 250 experts in the fields of software development, testing, and cloud engineering. And many of them were employee referrals, too! Add to that being recognized as one of the best software development companies in the Philippines for several years in a row, it's no wonder we're all quite excited for the future.

But why are the best Filipino developers choosing to join, and stay, with us? What makes Arcanys different from the other tech companies in the country? Well, we believe that the following facts may very well be some of the reasons why.

With our flat style management and open-door policy, we can confidently share our ideas with anyone, at any time, and easily receive feedback about them. And regular remote Zoom/Google meetings are initiated by project coordinators to keep everyone synchronized, making deliverables easier to accomplish with fewer chances of error. We also have remote company-wide Q&A with Arcanys co-founder Alan Debonneville to address some current issues and concerns within the company. This makes for a transparent, sound working environment where we all feel comfortable.

Career Talk Shortie: open-door policy

How do Arcanytes really feel about the company’s open-door policy? 🤔 On our latest Career Talks podcast, iOS Dev Shlby shares insights about what it’s like to work with a flat management structure that values transparency and open communication. Check it out and have a feel of what the Arcanys culture is and how it has impacted all of us, even in our personal lives. #CareerTalks #EmployeeExperience #DeveloperExperience #Arcanyte #OpenDoor #OpenCommunication

Posted by Arcanys on Thursday, November 3, 2022

We only hire team members that are passionate about their work and carefully select modern and exciting projects that they would like to be a part of. We reject legacy projects. If you worked with us, you'd see that we’re excited about the future of big data, IoT, and AI. We feel awed about innovations and immediately get super curious about the technologies behind them. We eat, drink, and sleep dreaming about bringing solutions to challenges involving modern software architectures. Software performance dilemmas delight us, and we make sure everything we build is clean, scalable, and secure. That’s who we are.

A team brainstorming their project during Arcanys Hackathon 2019

We’re not the kind to just work on projects, nose to the grindstone. We also work on improving our skills and broadening our knowledge with paid weekend training and weekly English classes. These are for improving our technical knowledge. Coders are paid to study technology and techniques that will help them enhance their skills or add to their expertise. English classes, along with an optional company-sponsored Toastmaster membership, are for honing our communication and leadership skills. 

With a high base pay plus various incentives, performance bonuses, work-from-home allowance, home office allowance, and benefits, Arcanys offers fair and competitive total compensation packages compared to other employers in the Philippines. And our compensation gets reviewed every six months, which is hands down the coolest part.

We have a well-established reputation, both here in the Philippines and abroad, for being efficient and reliable in providing excellent, first-class software development services. We’re happy when we work on challenging, complex projects that let us utilize our creativity and problem-solving skills, and our clients say they are more than satisfied with our output. This is all because we have a winning combination of Filipino engineering, Western management, and global delivery.

Every Arcanyte's well-being is a priority. We encourage everyone to keep fit and offer them the opportunity to exercise and be physically active with free gym memberships, sports equipment allowance, sport watches, and more. We even developed our own fitness app, which we incentivize to better motivate people to exercise and get moving. We have established a company environment that helps keep stress levels to a minimum. And every teammate is given all the support that he/she needs to make them efficient and effective in their respective projects, without compromising their welfare.

And Arcanys people feel it, too! You can see for yourself here:

Partnering with Intellicare, one of the top HMO providers in the Philippines, is something that's one for the books. We have free health care services from day one, not only for every employee but also for three of their dependents, which covers medical expenses for pre-existing illnesses. We know that having good health is one of the most vital things in life. But that’s just one of the benefits we enjoy.

Our parties and celebrations are the best! Summer outing, Year-end Party, Fun day, etc. We all got them. And of course, we don't settle for just any typical kind of celebration, either. We like to make everything memorable, so much so that you’ll hear people talking about how fun the events are for quite a while. Our Employee Engagement Specialist tirelessly organizes the events while our marketing team efficiently documents them for posterity, so all of Arcanys gets to enjoy recalling all the fun and shenanigans for years to come.

Summer Sportsfest 2022

Arcanys Mabu-HEY Year-end Event 2022

Arcanys has been known to focus on what’s better for its people without compromising what’s better for the business. We’ve always believed that our people are our strength, and we have no doubt doing our best to build a comfortable work environment conducive to creativity and productivity, whether at home or in the office, will lead Arcanys to even greater heights for years to come. We do everything we can to provide fabulous growth opportunities–whether for financial, career, professional, or personal development––which also sets us apart as an IT employer in the Philippines.

We’re over 300 Arcanytes as I write those lines, and we're still growing our numbers. Wanna be one of us? Show us your core competencies and we will do justice to your skills.

Line Arias

Line Arias

Content Writer

Line Arias

Content Writer

Line is a Content Writer at Arcanys. She's also an editor, a bibliophile, a collector of pretty knickknacks, and a versatile doer with serious OC tendencies. She loves the written word undoubtedly, reads creepy stories by Poe, and shows great enthusiasm for every project like an eager beaver.