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A Memorable First Teambuilding for Greater Manila-based Arcanytes

December 26, 20233 min read

We believe that team bonding is a crucial part of fostering a collaborative work environment, especially when not all Arcanytes are based in Cebu, but also from different areas in the Philippines. Why? It’s because we’ve personally witnessed that when team members feel a sense of unity and camaraderie, communication improves, trust deepens, and the overall productivity of teams is enhanced! This is exactly why we encourage and incentivize these meetups so Arcanytes can have face-to-face get-togethers with their colleagues every two months. It's one of our top Arcanys perks. 🥰

And so, last November 11, the Greater Manila team pulled off exactly that. They gathered for their first mini get-together at Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City.

They met coworkers from other teams and departments, exchanged coding/QA stories, and played some games as they got stuffed with several delicious Pinoy dishes during dinner. 

It was certainly a night to remember for the Greater Manila colleagues and we hope this paves the way for similar events in the future for Arcanytes based outside of Cebu. 😉🙌

And it was a great opportunity for coworkers to hang out and, at the same time, get to know each other beyond the usual work stuff. Hopefully, it has helped build connections and paved the way for nurturing these relationships moving forward. 

We certainly look forward to witnessing more fun get-togethers from our teams, wherever they may be based. After all, having some downtime with colleagues is as important as project meetings and crunching to reach deadlines.  Here's to more fun and meaningful Arcanyte get-togethers for 2024 and beyond!

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Line Arias

Line Arias

Content Writer

Line Arias

Content Writer

Line is a Content Writer at Arcanys. She's also an editor, a bibliophile, a collector of pretty knickknacks, and a versatile doer with serious OC tendencies. She loves the written word undoubtedly, reads creepy stories by Poe, and shows great enthusiasm for every project like an eager beaver.