IRL Solutions Acquired by Arcanys: a Strong Mobile Team Added to the Swiss Company Skills

Arcanys acquired IRL Solutions

Also located in Cebu City, Philippines, and specialized in mobile applications. This merger has brought a huge amount of skills to the team and allows Arcanys to offer a wider range of services to its customers, as well as a new market: Italy.

Interview of Roberto Liccardo, founder of IRL Solutions and Managing Director of Arcanys Italia:

How did you end up in Cebu?

I have been working in the IT industry for almost 7 years and my decision to work outside of Italy has matured by the need to find a center to outsource the IT needs of my newly opened software development company located in Italy. I have then traveled all around South Asia and found in Cebu the skills and the level of expertise necessary for developing high quality software products.

Why did you decide to merge with Arcanys?

I found in Arcanys incomparable high quality and professionalism compared to other outsourcing companies. Over the years Arcanys has been able to innovate constantly to adapt to new market needs and to invest in order to increase its competitiveness and ensure proper development in this market. I appreciated the ability of Arcanys to interpret and adapt to all the outsourcing needs and challenges and thus to adapt its resources to the needs of a changing market by ensuring a timely response and perfection from all points of view.

What did you get from this merger for your Italian customers

With a team of 7 European managers and more than 50 programmers, the merger has allowed Italian clients to receive higher level of professionalism and punctuality: we are constantly ensuring that all the client needs are addressed on higher quality level.

What are your core competencies or projects that you usually handle?

Before merging with Arcanys our core competencies were mainly mobile apps development, in particular iOS. One of the main benefits of the merging is that we can now offer to our clients a greater range of services by using Arcanys experience in other fields such as: .net and asp technologies, PHP, WordPress and Drupal, etc.

About the author

Frederic Joye is a technology entrepreneur and startup investor, with an extensive background in helping businesses grow and succeed on the web. Frederic is Co-Founder at Arcanys, an accelerator specialized in developing high quality software with a strong focus on innovation for startups primarily from the US, Europe and Australia.

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