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AELF celebrating 10 years with 10 key figures

January 30, 20233 min read

The Arcanys Early Learning Foundation team, board members, partners, and alums celebrated all together the 10th anniversary of the foundation on November 21. It was a moving celebration full of testimonies, throwbacks, and awards.

It has already been 10 amazing years of work with the local community, 10 years' worth of achievements to enable more children to have access to early education with the active participation of their parents in Cebu City—first in Ermita, then in Pasil and Suba.

"Parents have this superpower to catch their children's attention and the ability to teach them anything. With this spirit, the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation will always support parents to become their children's first teachers." This is the inspiring message Alan Debonneville, AELF founder and chairman, shared during the event last November 21. 

As our foundation celebrates its first decade, we gathered 10 figures that sum up its activities during that time..

In 2012, AELF was founded in Cebu City by Alan Debonneville, a Swiss entrepreneur. An advocate of early education, the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation has been providing free math coaching to young children (ageds 3 to 5 years old) with the active participation of their parents in Cebu City’s low-income communities.

In just 10 years, over 5,000 families have benefited from the AELF child-parent program. On average, each family completed 30 math sessions over 3 months.

Since 2012, the AELF team has led over 150,000 math sessions, with each family trained for 30 hours over a 3-month program.

The foundation has positively impacted more than 20,000 people from the local community. About half of the parents continue the training with their other children, proving the exponential efficiency of the method.

On the field, 18 teachers, a project manager, and a social worker work together with the local community. This team of experienced and professional educators is 100% dedicated to the project and the cause.  

After offering home-based coaching sessions for the first years, AELF is now operating 3 learning centers in 3 densely populated barangays: Ermita, Pasil, and Suba. 

Following the best practices of the ChildUp methodology, the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation aims to instill basic math and logic skills in preschool children with the active support of parents.

In partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2015, the AELF has continuously improved its methods and results by conducting international studies dealing with the benefits of parent coaching and the importance of home factors on children’s early reading & math skills.

Throughout the 3-month program, children learn 6 core skills: rote counting, number recognition, object counting, numerical magnitude comparison, missing number, and simple additions.

Throughout the years, 13 partners supported us in implementing the child-parent coaching program from the local barangay to international organizations. 

Want to know more about AELF activities? Check the AELF website and social media (Facebook and Linkedin)

Claire Mahjoub

Claire Mahjoub

AELF Communications Officer

Claire Mahjoub

AELF Communications Officer

Claire often spends her busy days coordinating projects, arranging official documents, crafting presentations, raising funds for the foundation, and helping out the Arcanys marketing team. Outside of work, she indulges her love of photography, live music, and outdoor activities such as hiking and diving.

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