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Well, folks... here's another lovely Arcanys gal that just warms the cockles of our metaphorical heart (And she's one of the pioneering cogs in the company, too!). Who are we referring to exactly? Why it's none other than the lovely serial doer Jessica Miole, Customer Service Rep & Virtual Assistant.

So let’s start with the basics

How long have you been working for Arcanys? It’s been more than 8 years. I started working for Arcanys in 2009.

How were you hired? Alan took over the gaming company I worked for, and retained all its gamers, including me. Then he enlisted me to become a customer service representative for his company not long after. And the rest is history. :D

What is your current position? I’m a Virtual Assistant for a particular recruitment company in Australia. I’m also a CSR (customer service representative) for Arcanys.

Tell us more about you

What is your nickname in the office? Mama :D

Describe a typical day at the office. I usually spend my days calling applicants and consultants in Australia, conducting reference checks and interviews, which I do for four hours. Then I make daily reports for the CS team and conduct lead generation.

What favorite pastime/hobby/obsession are you known for? Sleeping :P … or playing mobile games with them.

Tell us something most people at the office may not know about you? This may be tad strange but I bless the water before I take a bath… every time. It’s no joke, pinky swear. :D

How’s work? What do you do to de-stress, when you feel like tasks and deadlines get to be too much? I put on some music to de-stress. Could be pop, R&B, and sometime metal… to wake me up and keep me moving. :)

What do you like most about your job? Personal growth... because you get to meet different clients with different types of projects, so you learn lots of things. What I love most though, is how our bosses value their employees’ well-being by offering free gym memberships, healthy lunches, and weekly classes about health and wellness. And I also love my crazy colleagues, who keep me sane during difficult times. :D

Do you have any memorable/funny office story anecdote since you've started working here at Arcanys? I panicked during a live call (it was quite an important one) that I ended up asking Fred (Arcanys co-founder) to speak to the customer instead. 😂😂😂

Just curious...

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? DOLPHIN! They are playful by nature, and they work best in a team. I think those apply to me. 😉

Jessica has certainly been with Arcanys for quite a while, and we're glad to hear that she's grown and learned a lot through the years. But more than that, we're thrilled to still see further growth and more successes in her future with Arcanys.

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