7 Basic Interview Practices That You Should Not Forget

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Updated as of: July 2, 2019

Keep these basic practices in mind to improve your interview performance

Previously, we published an article entitled “5 Tips for Developers Conducting Interviews” gleaned from my experience as a recruiter working with technical hiring managers. Then I thought, what about the candidates? What should they be looking out for when landing that interview?

Here are some tips to consider when you're about to go for a job interviews as a developer. Some points may appear quite basic, but I cannot count the number of times they were not respected, making a challenging encounter downright unpleasant. Most of them, as you will see, are easy to implement. Here, then, are some basic practices to remember the next time you go for an interview.

1. Show up on time.

Nothing demonstrates a lack of professionalism or motivation like showing up late for an interview. If you do see that you are running late, by all means send a text. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that really are beyond our control, and recruiters can be understanding. On the other hand, showing up late is better than not showing up at all.

2. Charge your phone and buy load.

When unforeseen events happen, you may arrive late or not make it at all. It is very important to at least text or call to inform that you will be coming in late! This shows you respect the person and company interviewing you and that you have good work ethic.

3. Anticipate traffic.

One of the main reasons people are late here in Cebu City is because of traffic jams. Since this problem is on the rise in the city, you can already anticipate it! A few years ago, Cebu was quite laid back and traffic-free. Today, with the growth of the BPO industry, Cebu experiences an influx of migrant workers causing heavy traffic in the city center. For this reason, you should anticipate the time it takes for you to get from point A to point B, your interview location. Better be a bit earlier than late. Showing up 5 to 10 mins before your interview is ideal. However, being an hour early can cause an inconvenience for the recruitment team as they may have meetings at that time. Use common sense and judgement.

4. Make sure you have the correct address.

Usually, recruiters will provide you with the details of your interview, including venue, time, and requirements. However, it is also your responsibility to double check. Recruiters may forget to do so. After all, they are human too!

5. Do some research on the company.

You can easily check the company website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other company social media accounts. It always makes a good impression to show you have done your research before coming for the interview or even applying. Doing so will allow you to ask questions about the company and shows how interested you are with the position.

6. Be prepared to ask questions.

Asking questions about the position and/or the company shows that you are proactive and engaged, which are very attractive traits for interviewers. It also gives them some insight into your attitude and personality, which may very well work in your favor and help you land the job.

7. Make eye contact

Though looking someone directly in the eyes may be difficult depending on your background and culture, you need to take note of this during interviews. Your body language while interacting with the interviewer expresses a lot of things about you, and it starts with eye contact.

Looking your interviewer in the eyes is a sign of respect and of self-confidence. If you’re not too keen on this, then ask a friend or relative to practice with you and work on maintaining eye contact.

I’m sure you remember a few cringe-worthy stories from the times that you interviewed for a job. I hope you will find these useful and keep them in mind for your next interviews. In recruitment as well as in life, a little preparation and planning can go a long way.

I wish you success in your career in the tech world. If you’re looking for opportunities right now, I invite you to check out our Careers page and find something that may be of interest to you. Perhaps you can even use my tips during an interview with Arcanys soon!

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About the author

Windy Gancayco is HR Manager at Arcanys. She leads a team of talented recruiters that you may come to interact with in the near future. Outside of the office, Windy teaches yoga and reiki, an energy-based healing therapy. She loves connecting people, both inside and out of work.