5 Essential Tips for Being an Effective Test Engineer

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One of the many myths about test engineers is that they are programmers that didn't pass muster. In truth, though, they are anything but. They are among the most diversely talented people in the IT industry. They need to be not only well-versed with various programming languages and software technologies but also exceptional at grasping and figuring out problems.

The more knowledge and experience the QA has of development, the better they will be at testing applications, platforms, or software. And this is even more so in developing tailored infrastructures for test automation.

More than mastering the technical skills alone, though, a test engineer has to adopt particular characteristics and soft skills to really become an expert in the profession. What am I talking about, you ask? Here's Arcanys QA Master Rogie sharing the 5 key characteristics that make a difference in software testing.

When asked how she has thrived in the IT industry, and in her profession, in particular, Rogie shared with us these 5 essential tips about being a good QA.

  1. Be naturally inquisitive. Always ask the whys, so you understand all aspects of the project, and nothing slips through the cracks. Even Einstein acknowledged the importance of curiosity in an article for LIFE Magazine in 1955. The Nobel laureate in Physics said, "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence."

  2. Have a sense of ownership. Take accountability for your tasks, which is probably what you would also expect from your teammates. So yes, accept the glories of successes as well as the headaches and heartaches of the failures. Moreover, be proud of your work and trust your intuition.

  3. Develop the habit of being attentive to detail. After all, among the main jobs of a tester is to notice the inconsistencies and errors, which is essential when hunting for and fixing the kinks we tech geeks call bugs. As Steve Jobs said, "Details matter."

  4. Be a critical thinker. It’s important to challenge assumptions and test your ideas. QA work involves looking for not only bugs but also potential problems you can prevent from happening in the foreseeable future.

  1. Foster friendships in the workplace, not disagreements or animosity. One of the most outgoing people in the office, Rogie easily makes friends and belongs to almost all the groups and clubs here at Arcanys. And it's no wonder, since she believes that teamwork is so much better when people like each other.

Having joined the Arcanys family in 2017, Rogie loves the hectic days and challenging tasks of her projects, past and present. She particularly enjoys being with her current team, RegisterNow.

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About the author

Rogie is a QA engineer at Arcanys since 2017. She has particular expertise in manual testing and is currently an avid Spartan racer. To indulge her wanderlust, she has traveled to Australia, Thailand, and Hong Kong and hopes to visit the USA and Europe in the next few years.