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From Java to AWS: Milcah's 12-Year Career Journey

October 18, 202328 min read

Welcome to another Arcanys Career Talks episode, this time with Milcah, a tenured Arcanyte who has embarked on a remarkable 12-year career journey here in Arcanys. Uncover valuable insights on how to be a great developer and discover the secret behind her unwavering loyalty to the company for over a decade. 

In this interview, she shares her top tips for growth in the ever-evolving world of IT. From embracing new technologies and taking pride in your work to owning and learning from your mistakes, her passion for coding and commitment to personal development are evident in her journey, serving as an inspiration to aspiring developers everywhere. 

Without further ado, click any of the links below to check the full episode. Happy watching! 🎧🎬

In a nutshell, here are some key insights and takeaways from the podcast:

1. Long stay in the Company: Milcah appreciates the focus on work-life balance, health benefits, and flexible work arrangements provided by Arcanys. The company's emphasis on employee well-being and the encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle contributed to her job satisfaction and loyalty over the years.

2. Challenges she faced:

  • Transitioning from back-end to front-end development, particularly in Android, presented challenges. Overcoming this required recognizing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Taking over a project she didn't develop or participate in its design and debugging it was akin to entering a dark room. To succeed, she remained calm, kept an open mind, and persevered.

3. Milcah's advice for Young Professionals:

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, but ensure your inquiries are thoughtful.
  • Learn from your experiences and mistakes. Be open to new knowledge.
  • Take pride in your work, striving for high quality and clean, understandable code.
  • Recognize that bugs equate to costs, both in time and potential impact.
  • Own your mistakes, be accountable, and embrace your imperfections.
  • Apply the "divide and conquer" principle when solving complex problems.
  • It's okay to say no to clients or to provide alternative solutions when their requests are not viable.

4. Staying Up-to-Date:

  • Subscribing to newsletters from various tech services, reading articles, and discussing topics with colleagues keeps her informed.
  • Conversations with colleagues and friends, especially in social settings, help her better retain knowledge and trends.
  • Arcanys' training programs and certifications offer opportunities to explore new technologies, with the company providing financial support.

5. Mentoring Junior Developers:

  • Mentoring involves introducing new developers to project technologies and being patient in answering questions.
  • Allowing junior developers to make mistakes and learn from them is essential.
  • Instead of spoon-feeding, guide them to find answers independently.

6. Her Future at Arcanys:

  • Milcah hopes to continue growing with the company as it expands and offers more health benefits and services to employees.

7. Arcanys' Emphasis on Work-Life Balance:

  • Arcanys is recognized for its focus on work-life balance, health benefits, and promoting exercise among employees.
  • The company offers flexibility in working hours, compensation for extra leaves, and discourages overtime.

8. Flexibility and No Overtime:

  • Employees have flexibility in their working hours and options for compensation or leaves.
  • Overtime is not encouraged, with pre-approval required.

Milcah's journey highlights the importance of perseverance, self-improvement, mentoring, and an employer's role in supporting work-life balance and professional growth. Her experience provides valuable insights for both seasoned professionals and those just starting their careers in software development. More importantly, we are grateful to have such exceptional talent within our ranks, driving us towards excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Line Arias

Line Arias

Content Writer

Line Arias

Content Writer

Line is a Content Writer at Arcanys. She's also an editor, a bibliophile, a collector of pretty knickknacks, and a versatile doer with serious OC tendencies. She loves the written word undoubtedly, reads creepy stories by Poe, and shows great enthusiasm for every project like an eager beaver.