The challenge

In 2016, the Pokémon Go mania gave a new meaning to “go play outside!” Although it faded like most fads do, the mobile app opened the playing field for a young gaming technology: Augmented Reality.

Opticale is an augmented-reality game that lets you discover areas and learn about mythical creatures of the astral world. It uses geolocation and realistic 3D graphic overlays to create that elaborate parallel universe you’d want to get lost in.

The Opticale team was done with the artistic creation of the world, its creatures, and history, but they lacked the skills and workforce to build the mobile game on both iOS and Android.

Our approach

We first met Opticale founder Soufian at a conference in Berne, Switzerland, while he was starting his tremendous work of building a bridge between our world and the astral world.

The Arcanys team worked closely with the Opticale team to perfectly understand the game mechanisms and functionalities. We were then tasked with building the Android game app from scratch, as well as maintaining the iOS app.

The solution

We started by studying the iOS app that was in the works with one iOS developer fully allocated on the project. After a couple of months, we built a team of three developers and one tester to code the Android game app.

Having started on the iOS app gave our team crucial insights on the game as well as flexibility for Opticale:

  • Ramping up the team was easy: from one iOS developer to three Android developers and a tester.
  • Our iOS developer has been working on the game almost since the start and became a cornerstone of the whole production process.
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