Outsource smarter.

Boost your productivity by handing over repetitive tasks to a Virtual Digital Assistant

Hire Senior Virtual Assistants to free up valuable time and money. Hand over admin, technical or personal tasks and enjoy stress-free days working on your core competencies.

Smooth out your workflow and save precious time with a virtual digital assistant.

What tasks can your virtual digital assistant do?
  • Personal calendar management
  • Travel research
  • Hotel & flight reservations
  • Schedule appointment
  • Business calendar management
  • Minutes during calls
  • Inbox management
  • Data entry
  • Spreadsheet management
  • Expense management
  • Calls & email follow-up
Sales & Marketing
  • Customer relations management (CRM)
  • Reports creation
  • Presentation creation
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Competitive research
  • Outbound calling
Customer Support
  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Phone support
  • Data mining
Real Estate
  • Ads posting on marketplaces
  • Listings update
  • Response to email queries
  • Preparing paperwork
  • Following up with prospects
Productivity & Transparency

Why hire an Arcanys Virtual Assistant?

  • The hassle of recruitment is off your hands. We take care of offshore staff hiring and retaining top talent for you. Choose your digital assistant in our pool of talent.
  • A great working environment for your virtual office assistant. As a high-end IT center in Cebu, Arcanys offers high-speed internet, startup-like workspace, 24-hour IT support and additional software services when needed.
  • No long-term budget commitments. Part-time or full-time, for a few months to years–you decide.
  • Enable you to focus on your core business. Save you time to grow your business and make repetitive tasks output more valuable.
  • A fail-safe setup: we make sure there's always a fall-back VA who knows the project and can perform the tasks if needed.
Why our Virtual Assistants are the perfect match for Australian businesses?
  • Similar time zone. Philippines is one of the closest countries to Australia (only a 6-hour plane ride away!). This essentially eliminates the hassle of mismatch in working hours for both countries.
  • Cultural similarities. The Philippines has adopted many customs, beliefs and pop culture of most western nations, unlike in other Southeast Asian countries. This means negligible culture shock for Australian businesses. Moreover, most Filipinos are friendly and accommodating, making them among the best people for customer service outsourcing. Most importantly, Arcanys is run by Swiss entrepreneurs, who have successfully been in the tech and business industry for years.

We would love to take the hassle of performing routine administrative tasks off your hands. So you can have valuable business support, save money, and free up valuable time to focus on your core goals.

Free up valuable time with Virtual Assistance today!