With Swiss management, shareholders and best practices, Arcanys is based in Cebu, Philippines, a fast developing place for Information Technology and Customer care. Arcanys was founded by entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience building brands on the internet. From managing supply chain, online sales, customer care, online marketing, search engine optimization, website design, database design, mobile applications, the Arcanys team has launched numerous brands and e-commerce sites with success. After deciding to move all of its operations to the Philippines, the Arcanys shareholders have been able to build a solid team of bright people for all of its departments. From there on, the amazing talent pool of the Philippines has allowed Arcanys to support other Western businesses to benefit from hiring team members overseas.


Alan Debonneville

Co-founder & CEO

From: Lausanne, Switzerland

Alan co-founded Arcanys in 2010, bringing over 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. His energy is focused on Arcanys’ global strategy, business partnerships and alliances, new services and software products.

Alan started his career in 2001 as co-founder and chief operating officer of IGE (now called IMI Exchange), a startup that grew to 400 people in Hong Kong, China and Korea, including more than 350 employees in the customer service and software development fields. IGE became the worldwide leader in the trading of virtual assets (in online PC games), processing more than 5,000 orders per day. Thanks to its success, IGE attracted large investments from Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and other private equity firms.

In 2006, Alan co-founded ChildUp (with his father), a company helping parents to teach math, logic and languages to their preschool children through online video courses, early learning game cards and iPhone/Android applications. Following on that track, Alan established the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation in Cebu City in 2013.

Arcanys is Alan’s fourth company as an entrepreneur, where he can fully utilize his hands-on experience in online marketing, IT and customer service to serve all of Arcanys’ clients, partners and employees.

Frédéric Joye

Co-founder & VP, Business Development

From: Lausanne, Switzerland

A co-founder of Arcanys in 2010, Fred focuses on business development, identifying and implementing growth opportunities hand in hand with Arcanys’ prospects and clients.

With over 10 years of experience in project management, Fred started his career on strategic re-organization and merger projects for Vaudoise Assurances, tasked within only a few months of setting up and managing a legal data processing team of 20 people. In 2006, he joined Crédit Agricole Private Bank as Corporate Buyer where he developed strong partnerships with suppliers and internal BPO partners to ensure seamless process flows and outstanding customer satisfaction. Looking to go deeper in the IT field, Fred joined Odyssey Financial Technologies as Business Consultant, managing support processes for Top 10 Swiss Private Banks.

In 2009, Fred joined his long-time friend Alan in Hong Kong to work on all areas of an e-commerce venture, managing IT vendors and improving customer service and marketing operations. After relocating operations to the Philippines, Fred and Alan decided to use their joint experiences with outsourcers to build a service company with higher standards, Arcanys.

Fred is also a board member of the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation.

Fred holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Business Development from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.

Jari Soini

Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

From: Tampere, Finland

Jari joined Arcanys in 2013 to lead the software department of Arcanys. His energy is mainly spent making sure teams are delivering projects on time with high quality and caring about continuous skill and performance improvements for all engineers. In parallel, Jari also enjoys handling international business development opportunities.

Jari brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial and software outsourcing experience, starting his career in 1998 as a co-founder of Tietosarma, a software development firm that went from a start-up to a successful exit, being acquired by a larger competitor, Plenware in 2005. At Plenware, Jari managed and oversaw successfully several multi-site offshore projects, in Finland, Romania and Estonia, which ended up being used by millions of mobile users worldwide.

In 2008, Plenware was acquired by a stock-listed global SW consultancy called Cybercom, and Jari carried on with the new company to lead Chinese software operations of Cybercom, serving several Fortune global 500 sector customers. From there, Jari decided to take up a new challenge and joined Arcanys in the Philippines to establish a new center for software development excellence.

Jari holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Tampere University of Technology.

Nilo-John Domingo

VP, Government, Institutional, and Community Relations

From: Cebu, Philippines

Nilo is a Global growth partner specializing in our Southeast Asia expansion where he is responsible for building strategic alliances with a variety of firms in the local market. He is also critical in working with government and institutional partners on developing online applications that facilitate human resources, accounting, inventory, and collections processes within the public and private sector.

With over a decade of experience in IT related positions in the United States he has helped to develop online solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. He also leads a web consultancy company Intelaface, where he is the strategic visionary behind a multitude of programs for industry specific fields such as mall management, manufacturing, hotel resort booking, and online education.

Nilo shares our founder’s passion to create opportunities for the Philippine community. The primary focus of his work has been to further the development of the tech industry in his native country by building partnerships between Global firms and local IT companies and the rest spent educating inner cities about international advocacy programs that can empower their schools, government, and health organizations.

Carl Neumann, Ph.D.

Social Media Manager

From: Heidelberg, Germany

Carl joined Arcanys in November 2012, helping Arcanys and the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation to get a social presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. In parallel, he is developing a methodology to offer business development (B2B) services to Arcanys’ customers via social media.

Carl is a former scientist turned internet marketer and social media specialist. After graduating in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, in 1993, he went on to do a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology. He then chose to specialize in Neurobiology, and led a successful research team at the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany, from 2001 to 2009.

In 2009, Carl decided to leave science in order to become an internet marketer. Following extensive training with some of the world’s best internet marketers, his main focus became social media marketing. Carl is passionate about using the power of social media to connect top brands with their potential clients, partners, and customers.

Carl holds a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry (Universtiy of Cambridge, UK), a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology (European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany), and a Masters Degree in Conscious Evolution (Graduate Institute, Connecticut, USA).

John Debonneville

Partner, Arcanys Networks Sàrl

From: Lausanne, Switzerland

As a partner with Arcanys from its inception in 2010, John is helping the company’s development in Switzerland.

John worked all his life as a business manager and entrepreneur. He was 28 years old when he founded Impordis, an importer of electronic games. Two years later, John sold Impordis to become general manager of Saprochi, the exclusive importer of San Pellegrino in Switzerland. Within the next five years, San Pellegrino became one of the leaders of the beverages industry in the country. After this successful managing experience, John worked a few years as a business consultant, before joining Rediffusion, a consumer electronics chain, as general manager for the French speaking part of Switzerland. Five years later, he co-founded Sherpa Services, a home and office delivery business, which he sold in 2004.

In 2006, with his son Alan, John co-founded ChildUp, a company that enables parents to be the first teachers of their preschool children. In this field, John is also a board member of the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation.

John holds a Swiss Federal Certificate in Commerce and a Swiss Federal Diploma of Sales Manager.