Startup Booster

Startup Booster

Arcanys can offer your startup much more than software

Entrepreneurship is deeply rooted in Arcanys’ DNA. With more than 10 years of experience creating internet startups, the Arcanys team is passionate about enabling business creation for people with fresh ideas.

Due to the wide number of startups helped, Arcanys can give solid advice not only in technology, but also a fresh perspective on internet business models and entrepreneurship, in particular with the mindset of saving funds, developing low cost prototypes and launching an MVP and final product iteratively.

In parallel, Arcanys’ team is also creating its own products, such as ThxBox, a SaaS used by General Electric Korea.

As a startup booster and with experienced entrepreneurs, Arcanys handles project in many different ways at different stages of their development.

From just an idea…

We like ideas and make them come to life. We help our clients with fine-tuning the business model , creating their first prototypes in order to raise more funding, building their technology dream team from acting CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to design / UX and development team and finally bring them to a successful launch.

… to startups in need of additional resources

Building a startup from the ground up is not always easy, especially when some skills are either rare or expensive (both often come along). We’re here to provide our clients with the technology support that they need to meet their growth objectives in the shortest amount of time. We provide experienced and flexible teams that can increase or decrease in size depending on the needs of the project.



Cronodeal is a reverse auction website that features one product daily on which visitors can bid in order to secure the item. The price displayed for the item will decrease as the visitors bid lower and lower. However, once all the stock has been sold, the product is written as “Sold” at the price of the lowest bid for all bidders.