Cross-platform mobile development

Cross-platform mobile development

Developing an app that will work on all devices

There was a time when developing mobile apps using cross-platform development tools meant  developing low-quality apps. During those times clients could barely achieve a restful sleep being worried of the app poor performances on their clients’ hands, and programmers were terrified by the idea of having a code that wouldn’t be flexible enough to fully meet clients’ requirements.

Those times are now gone.
Cross platform mobile development can now compete in terms of quality with native-developed applications, giving the possibility to integrate native codes for a better communication with the phone hardware functionalities, running on more devices, being more responsive (read: Android devices), and still giving to programmers that great and unique advantage: one code will run on multiple devices!

Developing in native code can be a big problem for companies wishing to develop their app for multiple devices. Indeed, each device has its own programming language which means that a company would have to pay for both its Android application and its iOS application. When running on limited budget, such a dilemma can turn out to be a complete frustration for start-ups.

Fortunately, cross-platform mobile technologies emerged to solve that problem by offering a common language to the variety of OSes available today.

We offer the possibility of developing one application running on most smartphones in the market today, and still giving you the option to have customized UI for each device. Your iPhone app will have then an iOS 7 look and you Android app will have different UIs based on device size, still with a significantly price reduction compared to native development.

Our Cross platform mobile development cover the following technologies:

  1. Adobe Air
  2. Sencha framework
  3. TiApp framework
  4. PhoneGap / Cordova
  5. HTML 5 web apps and hybrid apps

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