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Hire a dedicated developer for all your software coding needs!

PHP, .Net, Java, C++, Embedded Solutions

Arcanys’ core business is to hire and manage full time software developers that work with engineering teams of other IT companies, or IT departments, as dedicated developers, primarily in Europe, North America, and Australia. Technologies currently covered are PHP, .NET, Java, iOS, Android, Python and Embedded development for mobile devices (C++). Arcanys provides dedicated software programmers whose will also help you to find crucial areas of improvement in your software’s code quality, in order to minimize the possibility of errors and bugs that might occur in a later stage of the software development or in production.

By adding our developers to your programming group, you can also benefit from senior resources to lead your team into quick problem resolutions, whose mission is to make sure that all best practices are used in your projects, as all our programmers learn those diligently during their ongoing training at Arcanys. A dedicated resource can be a strategic advantage not only from a financial point of view, but also in meeting rush delivery times. Our developers indeed have proved to be very helpful resources for some clients that were struggling with tight deadlines, and they have dramatically improved the software development speed, contributing to the projects’ success.

  • Arcanys dedicated developers are much aware of European culture, not only due to the sharing from the 6 Europeans working on site in the Philippines, but also with the weekly cultural and French language class, site visits from foreign guest speakers, and direct interactions with European clients.
  • Clients also receive some education on how to work with Asian developers, the pitfalls to avoid and what works best should be known by both sides.
  • A very well oiled daily and weekly reporting system that makes remote management clear and simple. Clients are never left wondering what their team members are doing.
  • Following the best practices of agile development (Scrum, Kanban or XP-practices depending on client needs) and using the top of the line Atlassian project management tools (Jira, Greenhopper, Bitbucket).
  • Senior Architects in all projects: Each Arcanys developer is coached by a dedicated senior architect usually one hour daily, participating in all conversations related to specifications, requirements and planning.
  • Exceptional language skills allow all of the Arcanys developers to be put directly on the phone with customers. The Philippines is by far the #1 nation in Asia for language skill, which enables a very smooth communication.
  • A culture of continuous improvement and over achievement, reflected both in the personalities of the management and of the whole development team identified when joining the Company. Arcanys’ thorough recruitment process helps identify the sharpest and quickest learners. Here’s what Arcanys looks for: brilliant minds with clear communication skills, a passion for technology and the right experience required for each project.

Dedicated developer Showcase


ThxBox.com for GE Korea

ThxBox is a social messaging and gamification application that has been developed by Arcanys to foster team building and cooperation; currently more than 400 General Electric employees are using the platform. To make the application more meaningful to employees, the Arcanys team has carefully implemented gamification elements to increase user participation.