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Agile software testing and QA

Until now all our Software Testing and QA were part of the many projects showcased above. Starting 2014, Arcanys provides testing as a service (TaaS) for your mobile, desktop and web projects as testing only projects. Instead of testing just after the development phase, Arcanys believes that a more Agile approach is needed and recommends testing throughout the whole application development life cycle. Finding bugs as early as possible is proven to greatly reduce the total cost of software development.

Besides participating to software development projects done by our developers, our test engineer also work as members of your development teams during development time and act as validators for the work done by your own development teams or other subcontractors before the product releases. This reduces the time to market, overall development costs, increases product quality and customer satisfaction.


Test planning and strategy

  1. Assisting clients with their testing process
  2. Planning testing activities for customer projects
  3. Testing tool recommendations

Integration testing for larger systems

System testing including but not limited to following:

  1. Assisting clients with their testing process
  2. UI testing
  3. Usability testing
  4. Software performance testing (load, volume testing…)
  5. Compatibility testing (e.g. different operating systems, devices, browsers etc…)

Acceptance testing for releases (during the project and at the end of the project)

Test automation

  1. Helping clients to automate their testing by choosing the right tools and choosing the areas where test automation can be a cost effective option
  2. Planning testing activities for customer projects
  3. Implementing test automation by creating scripts
  4. Testing tool recommendations

Cost to fix a bug