PHP Developer Philippines

PHP Developers in Cebu, Philippines

10 years of experience in PHP Development

For the last few years, the number of websites developed in PHP has been growing exponentially to become a must-have web development technology. Due to its widely used, dynamic and highly customizable scripting language, PHP software development is the cheapest form of programming to get your website or web project up and running.

While some other technologies might have a reputation for solid large scale applications, the vast majority of web projects can be very well handled with PHP, usually at a fraction of the cost. Still to this day, a large part of the Facebook website is using PHP.

This is why, for many start-ups, PHP programming is the way to go to get your business fast on the market with the most cost-effective cash allocation.

With more than 40 skilled PHP developers in Cebu, Philippines, we can easily provide teams of dedicated PHP developers for small and large projects, as an extension of your team of programmers or your fully outsourced IT team.

We cover a full range of services:

  1. Corporate websites
  2. Ecommerce platform development
  3. Subscription and membership websites
  4. Front-end development
  5. Web application development
  6. PHP MySQL database development
  7. Social Media development
  8. Responsive (mobile) design

Using the most effective frameworks at this time for PHP development:
- Drupal and WordPress for CMS work
- Symfony2, Zend and CodeIgniter for custom software development
- Prestashop, Magento and Drupal Commerce for ecommerce platform development.

If you would like to Hire a PHP developer, PHP programmer or a PHP dedicated team based in Cebu, please contact us at:

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