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What we offer
What we offer

The Arcanys edge

Tech Execution

This is our key differentiation. We're going further than anyone has ever gone in the level of support we bring to startups. Along with your team, we help you refine your vision and literally execute it with our technical teams following your guidance. This doesn't mean you can just delegate it to us: at all times, one of the founders must remain in control of product development.


Besides our founding team, our network of founders, mentors and entrepreneurs is wide. What matter is putting you in touch with the right person who will give you the right guidance whenever needed.

SaaS Experts

Our extensive experience in designing, building, and deploying software for clients from a wide variety of domains and industries means we are intimately familiar with the many challenges and pitfalls of going from idea to product. We leverage lessons learned from past projects in order to quickly identify solutions to typical problems, or avoid problems in the first place.

5x more bang for your buck

The people and talent that we've gathered and cultivated over the years are world-class, while our rates remain well below many top-tier agencies. This significantly stretches your funding, and allows you to get more design and development work accomplished than if you had hired other agencies that charge more per hour for the same level and quality of work.

The recipe for success
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The team

Alan Debonneville

Co-founder and Partner

Alan has an extensive background in start-ups and innovation. One of his major accomplishments is an e-commerce company he founded that reached more than 1 million customers in a single year. All in all, the venture raised more than US$80 million from Goldman Sachs and other VC firms.

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Since then, Alan has launched, mentored and invested in various technology startups. He has personal expertise in developing e-commerce, gaming, education and SaaS ventures. However, he enjoys dealing with any business linked to web and mobile technologies. Since 2012, he has also launched a successful early learning non-profit organization with currently 30 full-time teachers.

Frederic Joye

Co-founder and Partner

Fred has many years of experience in growing international businesses. He has been leading the sales, marketing and business development arms of Arcanys from day one. Arcanys is one of the most respected software development companies, not only in the Philippines but also in Europe, the US, and Australia.

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Fred has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, both of which he believes enable start-ups to solve global issues at an unprecedented scale, through technology. Working with, and being part of, startups that one day will change the way people live and do business is the reason behind the creation of Arcanys Labs with Alan.

UX/UI Team

Awesome design specialists

With their extensive experience and the constant mentorship from our senior designers Beau Ginbey and Ken Ruelan, the Arcanys UI/UX design team has just the right expertise and set of skills to assist startups crafting the clean, appealing, and intuitive interface they need, as well as creating a unique user experience in a synchronous marriage of usability and business value.

Development Team

Cool kids and their senior web architect

A partnership with us will get you two remarkably skilled coding masters, who are more than ready to roll up their sleeves to create the efficient, robust system your start-up needs. All our developers follow the best practices in the industry, and on top of that, each project is overseen and reviewed by our Senior Web Architect Eric Jeker.

QA Team

Kickass software testers

Ensuring that all teams consistently deliver excellent high quality applications and software products, the detail-oriented QA team painstakingly tests and validates the software solutions Arcanys teams build. They don't just make sure the applications or software are bug-free and offer a seamless holistic user experience, they also make certain that the developers meet the project’s technical requirements and design guidelines established with you.

Project Management Team

Terrific coordination brainiacs

Responsible for driving the work throughout the development process, the amazingly adroit Project Management team works closely with you and your team. They ensure that all aspects of the work are on track and that processes are working as they should. They offer expert assistance throughout the project—from determining technical requirements and project objectives to the actual software development to completion and delivery.

Our work

  • Think it Twice
  • FieldWiz
  • Mediref
  • Ginja
  • DTOS Golf

A brainchild of the former LVMH executive Antoine Vatar, Think it Twice is a company that aims to reinvent corporate training via a seamless fusion of proven traditional training concepts and technology. Originally founded in 2014, the company launched its first online training platform the next year to meet its clients' evolving needs. Determined to continuously diversify, it upped the ante by collaborating with Arcanys to develop its mobile platform named Albert.

Acknowledging the need for further enhancements, Arcanys offered Think it Twice its valuable business and IT expertise in developing their mobile platform—supporting them with an interdisciplinary team (developers, QA, project manager, business analyst, and CTO) as a service. Arcanys' dedicated team of experts developed its backend CMS as well as manage and maintain its software application utilizing relevant softwares such as Python, Android, and iOS.

One of the leading innovations in wearable technology today, Fieldwiz is a dynamic sports performance analysis device that tracks and documents real-time physical performance data. It collects valuable performance metrics for athletes and coaches to utilize in designing well optimized strategies and training programs.

The Fieldwiz team already has significant IoT/Hardware programming skills. However, they needed experts to develop intuitive web dashboards to view the performance data of the entire football team. With Arcanys also lending its expertise in Web and SaaS technology, Fieldwiz was able to accelerate their development and came up with an even more exceptional product.

Observing the hurdles Fieldwiz needed to overcome, Arcanys offered them the services of three of its remarkably skilled developers. And together, they were able to create a simple but intuitive interface with sophisticated graphics design. In addition to that, Arcanys helped Fieldwiz switch its revenue model from one-time sale to subscription, ensuring them long-term revenue to continuously improve its products.

A custom-built multidisciplinary communication tool, Mediref is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that has been specially designed by and for the Australian healthcare industry. With the specific needs of Australian health professionals in mind, Arcanys joined forces with Mediref by offering their software development expertise and helping them build a sophisticated communications platform. Complementing their self-funding, Arcanys offered their highly skilled IT experts in creating not only Mediref's software platform but also its fully responsive and intuitive user interface.

Over the years, Mediref has been able to become a multidisciplinary communication software. Today, it offers an efficient automatic tracking system and secure direct correspondence between medical practitioners and healthcare facilities.

Offering a novel dining experience for one of Asia's most thriving metropolis, Ginja is a mobile online food delivery app that features some of Bangkok's finest restaurants. A trendsetter in the industry, it offers restaurants a useful tool for managing their delivery service and users convenient access to their favorite dining places. Before its completion though, Ginja found itself facing some challenges.

As they were trying to launch a first version of their mobile app, they had some trouble finding talented developers in Bangkok. Stepping in to lend a savvy hand, Arcanys found 3 highly skilled developers for them within a few days. This enabled the Ginja team to finish their MVP in just a couple of months, instead of the initially estimated timeline of 5 months.

Furthermore, within a month of Arcanys joining them, and due to the swift delivery of the platform as well, Ginja was able to raise money from “500 startups”. And for the succeeding years, Arcanys contributed development support to the Ginja team, assisting them in fine-tuning and delivering timely updates to their app's features.

Need to explain that Ginja was trying to launch a first version but had a trouble finding talented developers in Bangkok. So Arcanys got them 3 programmers within a few days, and allowed them to finish their MVP in 2 months rather than the 5 months planned. This allowed Ginja to raise money from “500 startups” within 1 month from Arcanys joining the project.

Aiming to create great golf holiday experiences, DTOS Golf is an app designed specifically for golf operators, agencies, and any enthusiast of the fine Scottish sport. It enables users to efficiently find the best value golf courses and hotel holiday packages in more than 60 countries around the world.

Recognizing the potential for further development, Arcanys completely revamped the DTOS Golf app and rewrote it into a compelling SaaS white labeling platform, allowing tourism operators to have their fully customized booking website, similar to Expedia or Booking.

"Arcanys team is working well and is well organized. Although our project comports very specific technical constraints, Arcanys developers were able to provide us a good implementation. An initial training was necessary to bring the developers aware of the project details, but after that the development became very efficient. The project is well structured with a modern management methods."

Lionel Yersin CTO, Fieldwiz

" Since the beginning of our partnership in 2016, Arcanys has consistently proven to be a dependable and trustworthy development partner to Ginja. Arcanys has helped us develop a responsive website and has been instrumental in providing support in key areas to our in-house team of engineers. Arcanys brings a highly structured approach, which is a rare quality from an outsourced solution. I have recommended them to friends and industry connections and will continue our ongoing relationship with them indefinitely. "

Nick Morgenstern Co-Founder & CEO, Ginja

" We wanted to take the next step in our tech development, yet we did not feel ready to handle a tech team on our own. Arcanys was the perfect solution as they provided us with a brilliant team ready and happy to take our challenge. They adapted to our needs, and scaled to our growth. They are ideal if you look for a highly performing and dedicated team without the hassle of hiring and management."

Antoine Vatar Founder, Think it Twice

What do startups get out of the program?

Tech execution
Team augmentation flexibility
Long-term partnership
A wide variety of additional services

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Should I Apply?

  • If you need a ton of software development hours, then preferably you get several full-time programmers. However, anything that doesn't revolve around a web or mobile strategy is outside our area of interest.
  • There should be 2 co-founders or more, with at least one who will be dedicated full time to the project, and also a coding CTO / lead developer on board.
  • You should have a robust pitch deck that has the following:
    • company purpose
    • problem
    • solution
    • market size
    • product / service
    • business model
    • competition
    • financials
    • team
  • It is advisable that you have a minimum of US$20,000 of self-funding available for company incorporation or an already existing company structure. More self-funding is always better.
  • You may already have an existing business, and may have struggled for some time. That is all right. We have no preconception on the “age” of your idea. We are equally interested in considering a project you may have been working on for a while as well as brand new ideas.
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