You need more than money.

You need great people.

Arcanys Labs provides founders all they need to get their web or mobile startup off the ground: between 2,000 and 3,000 hours of software development, a complete UI/UX (if needed), high level technical mentorship (technology and process expertise), as well as cold hard cash (up to US$100,000) to fund your initial sales and marketing budget.

The initial package represents a value of up to US$200,000, and is made in exchange for an equity stake. Part of the experience includes potentially a trip of 1 to 4 months to the Philippines to work on your startup along with the Arcanys team.

How it works How it works

Arcanys Labs is ready to join as an investor at the seed stage, or sometimes pre-seed stage to help you finish your MVP and convince your early investors to hop on board (often at a higher valuation).

What do startups get out of the program?

Seed and Follow-on Money

Not only you get an amount of investment that a lot of startups only dream of, but if we execute well together, we'll be able to bring you to even more funding as our partners are used to investing way beyond the seed round. We'll just have to earn it together.


Besides our founding team, our network of founders, mentors and entrepreneurs is wide. What matter is putting you in touch with the right person who will give you the right guidance whenever needed.

Tech execution

This is our key differentiator. We're going further than anyone has ever gone in the level of support we bring to startups. Along with your team, we help you refine your vision and literally execute it with our technical teams following your guidance. This doesn't mean you can just delegate it to us: at all times, one of the founders must remain in control of product development.

The Team

The Arcanys Labs team has worked on more than 200 startup projects, built companies with combined investments of US$ 300M, sales of more than 200M hired more than 1,000 amazing people and invested in dozens of internet companies.

Alan Debonneville

Alan Debonneville
Co-founder and Partner

Alan has an extensive background in start-ups and innovation, with one major success previously that raised more than US$80 million from Goldman Sachs and other VC firms when the e-commerce company he founded reached more than 1 million customers in a single year.

Since then, Alan has launched, mentored and invested in tens of technology startups. He has personal expertise in developing e-commerce, gaming, education and SaaS ventures but enjoys dealing with any business linked to web and mobile technologies. Since 2012, he has also launched a successful early learning non-profit organization with currently 30 full time teachers.

Frederic Joye

Frederic Joye
Co-founder and Partner

Fred has many years of experience in growing international businesses. Fred has been leading the sales, marketing and business development arms of Arcanys from day one. Arcanys is one of the most respected software development companies not only in the Philippines but also by the startups it supports in Europe, the US and Australia.

Fred has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling to solve global issues at an unprecedented scale, through technology. Working with, and being part of startups that one day will change the way people live and do business is the reason behind the creation of Arcanys Labs with Alan.

Arcanys is a Swiss software development company headquartered in the Philippines, with more than 80 engineers, designers and project managers, and a total of 120 employees. It specializes in working with startup founders to launch products to market, while keeping quality, speed and great value for money as its core values. Since 2014, Arcanys invests in startups and currently owns stakes in 7 companies.

Polytech Ventures is an early stage VC firm based in Switzerland and in the Silicon Valley with a strong international focus. Its strategic location at EPFL in Lausanne grants them access to one of the most dynamic and recognized innovation centers in the world, while its permanent presence in the Silicon Valley gives it access to an ecosystem entirely dedicated to startups. The Polytech team is made of seasoned investment professionals and industry experts with years of experience and an extensive industrial network.


Conditions for consideration

  • You need a ton of software development hours; preferably several full time programmers. Anything that doesn't revolve around a web or mobile strategy is outside of our area of interest.

  • 2 co-founders or more, with at least one dedicated full time to the project.

  • Robust pitch deck (company purpose, problem, solution, market size, product / service, business model, competition, financials, team)

  • A minimum of US$20,000 of self-funding available for company incorporation or an already existing company structure. More self-funding is always better.

  • You may have already an existing business, and may have struggled for some time. We have no preconception on the “age” of your idea and are interested to consider brand new ideas as much as a project that you may have been working on for a while.

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