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Financial Product Engineering

Assemble a full-cycle software development team and build robust, scalable systems with real-time data transactions, payment gateways, and custom reporting. With an edge in financial technology projects such as Payment-as-a-Service platforms and financial management dashboards, our software developers make sure you get effective, high-value solutions.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Bring your development team to the next level and speed up your development life-cycle with automated testing and deployment. Our developers benefit from a state-of-the-art DevOps culture.

QA, Control & Infrastructure Monitoring

Maintenance is a strategic priority, and we don’t cut corners when it comes to monitoring your software performance. Our Certified SysOps and QA teams help Fintech businesses run mission-critical workloads without a glitch, providing highly-reliable, 24/7 solutions to your end-users.

Data Monitoring & Machine Learning

Structure your financial data to get more actionable business insights and monitor them to predict trends and make better-informed decisions with machine learning. Using machine learning, we also help Fintechs build efficient fraud detection, access control, or identity management systems.

Re-engineering, Refactoring & Cloud Migration

Expand and improve your existing financial software system by adding dependable development power to your team. Strengthen your code structure and give it flexibility and understandability. Migrate your existing Fintech solutions to the cloud with the help of certified developers and kick off your digital transformation.

Third-party services and API integration

Smoothly integrate third-party payment services, accounting software, loan origination systems, ERP apps and other applications to your system, and have the ability to deliver seamless, streamlined customer experience.

Trust and transparency

We're not all things to all people. We're a Swiss-run company specializing in tech team extensions and custom software development, and we do it well. We deliver great outcomes without hidden costs or excuses. With Fintech projects involving sensitive data and highly complex tasks, we make sure that every software developer your work with show not only great technical and analytical skills, but also absolute transparency, conscientiousness, and reliability.