The Inlift Digital Media Solution project is ECN’s opportunity to refine its current approach in supporting media delivery to elevator screens in corporate building locations.

We built this application from scratch and helped redefine the entire industry.
Trusted home cleaners booked in the blink of an eye. allows you to book domestic help with all social declaration and administrative work taken care of.

We built the application from scratch working on both front and back end.
Freshly launched local TV channel for Western Switzerland (Romandie); offers web TV services to its audience such as VOD, replay and live streaming.

We built the project from scratch based on the specs provided by the client.
Aki is a mobile platform that delivers a full suite of targeting, reporting and post campaign analytics that enables marketers to deliver more relevant advertising, with better performance and deeper insights.

Arcanys has been tasked with building a web-based app integrated to the existing system.
YouPaq is an e-commerce site for local produce, providing means to the groceries of choice, of the modern consumer short on time.

We developed the application from scratch, working on the specs for the client and designing the database.
Mediref makes communicating with your fellow health professionals effortless.

We handled all facets of development, from consultation regarding technologies and standards, to the coding and final implementation of the product. On top of which, the User Interface had to be designed.
This tool allows users to monitor their consumption of water, electricity or gas through different types of charts. Among others it allows to find leakages in schools, houses or buildings.

Using an existing system as a guide, we recreated the entire solution and developed it from scratch.
DTO Golf aims to guarantee great golf holidays around the world by providing customized golf and hotel packages.

We developed the system and implement features according to client’s requirements. Now ongoing platform development and maintenance.
ThxBox is a GE social networking site for employees to send appreciative messages to each other and complete various gaming challenges.

We developed an internal company messaging and thanking system with gamification elements.
Cronodeal is a reverse auction website that features one product daily and visitors can bid in order to secure the item.

We developed the complete v1.0 website with CodeIgniter and Bonfire with responsive design. We are now performing maintenance.
Globalgrant is the world’s largest international database for scholarships, grants and welfare used by students, individuals, associations and organizations.

Migrate and revamp the entire site with multiple added functionalities.
PHRecovery is an emergency project developed in cooperation with the WHO and of the DOH of the Philippines after the Typhoon Haiyan. It lists and geolocates all the NGOs involved in the relief efforts in order to optimize the distribution of goods and care to people in need.

We quickly designed and developed the application to help NGOs with their immediate needs.
The Kudelski Group is a Swiss company, leader in digital security and convergent media solutions.

In partnership with UNEAgence, we implemented the design of the new Nagra website and worked on some internal project.
FieldWiz is a device that tracks player movements during practice or game and collects information to help coaches and players quantify and improve the performance.

We made the data more user friendly and gave it better visualization. We're currently building the web platform.
E-man provides platform for integration of business processes.

Our team started working for 2 clients of e-man on micro-services, then the team expanded when more projects were added. We now have 4 developers and 3 testers, as well as 2 FTE amazon SysOps on the support side.
Medicamatch is a professional networking site tor the healthcare industry. It allows users to find companies and qualified business contacts quickly and easily.

We stepped in to take over development of this website to the rescue of this startup.
We created a fast and reliable way to report disasters and facilitate aid to areas affected.

We worked with ICM to create the flow of the entire system and designed it from scratch.
We worked with BNP to brainstorm and create a commodities trading platform.

Design and create a working prototype.
USSportsTickets sells sports tickets to australians that go to the US. Our mission was to clean up the actual website, make if more efficient and easier to navigate.

We redesigned the entire website.
Insurancia’s system allows users to manage their insurance contracts anywhere. It provides solutions and tools through an online management portal.

We created Insurancia's web structure using Scrum to match the customer's changing requirements throughout the project.
BGV Systems is an integrated system between Amazon and Fishbowl. Its purpose is to manage the inventory, sales, and repricing of items sold on Amazon by BGV.

We created BGV's web structure to run its operation and used Scrum to match the customer.
Focus 2015 is an event for HTB congregation members, associated churches and invited guests from their Alpha network.

We worked on enhancing and adding features for users and admins based (accomodations, online payment, auto-cancellation) on the successful 2014 event.
2Shoes is a web application aimed at lowering the growing barriers of participation in large presentation settings.

We're doing a revamp of their existing application.
Anemomind produces a high performance, low power, smart data logger for boats that allows sailors to improve their performance with real-time data.

We help Anemomind converting mock-ups to a reality and we advice the team with user experience design.
Register Now is an Australian Company that handles the registration processes of different events such as marathons, triathlons, etc.

We help RegisterNow upgrade their 13-year-old system to a newer architecture which implements the latest technologies and frameworks.
Payment Logic allows Australian companies to pay business expenses on their credit card in order to earn reward points and take advantage of interest free periods.

We are working on the improvements of the system and implement new features. We will also upgrade the current system to MVC.
2SG Wholesale offers retail service providers leading edge telco and data products along with feature rich software solutions to help maximise business potential and profitability.

We implement new features and help the team upgrade their old ones to be up to date with modern technology.
Evasan is an insurance web application service used to manage agents, agencies, insurance proposal and insurance policies.

We are working on the improvements of the system.
Sharemrkt is an online platform where businesses from around the globe showcase their products/services to other people or companies themselves.

We designed it from scratch and developed the web platform.
UNEAgence is a renowned swiss communication agency.

We implemented X of their website design for their clients.
Gourmet Society Philippines is a loyalty and privilege company in the Philippines that offers its members 20% off their total restaurant bill.

We rewrote the Android and iOS applications from scratch and redesigned the UI for the web application using AngularJS.
Honda enters the fast-growing European robotic lawn mower market with the introduction of Honda Miimo, its first commercial robotic product for domestic use.

We build the showcase website for the Honda miimo product, with video of the product, contests, newsletter and custom surveys based on customer specifications and designs.
With their product, Formpro is an online web form builder that helps create contact forms, sign-up forms, and online surveys with ease. The application allows users to make custom or any type of forms using a simple drag and drop interface.

We design an application with database schema, code business logic, backend client side form builder, backend and frontend web application.
Ginja is an online food delivery application headquartered in Bangkok. The app is in direct competition with Foodpanda.

We helped Ginja with development and testing. We currently have one of our developer as part of their team. We also invested in Ginja.
Quizzler is a mobile learning application to take advantage of the beavior of today's students and learners spending more and more time on their smartphones.

We developped both the iOS and Android app.
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