Citilog is a leader in providing video-based monitoring and surveillance products to the transportation market.

We have a team of 3 developers and 1 tester who are responsible for developing and testing components and features.
Homedia is the #1 VOD (Video-On-Demand) company in Switzerland and is expanding all across Europe with its solution, with large telecoms as customers.

We developed an application that uses ASP.NET and JavaScript to create the User Interface and C# as the code behind.
MatrixGroup produces a configurable commodity handling and management system.

We implemented a 3D Collision Avoidance and Optimization System with real-time 3D images of the site and equipment commodity handling and management system.
Publimmo is one of the leading real-estate software-related in Switzerland, and is providing numerous software tools to real-estate agencies.

We built a feed converter software that features real estate properties by parsing IDX feeds and converting them to a video.
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