Spinetix produces digital signage software and players that are reliable, robust, easy to use and scalable.

We provide Spinetix with testing services.
Citilog is a leader in providing video-based monitoring and surveillance products to the transportation market.

We have a team of 3 developers and 1 tester who are responsible for developing and testing components and features.
E-man provides platform for integration of business processes.

Our team started working for 2 clients of e-man on micro-services, then the team expanded when more projects were added. We now have 4 developers and 3 testers, as well as 2 FTE amazon SysOps on the support side.
Ginja is an online food delivery application headquartered in Bangkok. The app is in direct competition with Foodpanda.

We helped Ginja with development and testing. We currently have one of our developer as part of their team. We also invested in Ginja.
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