Prime Capital wanted a mobile app for checking the status of your loan application.

We designed it from scratch.
Cloud10 is the perfect Carpe Diem app.

We improved an existing and successful product called SetLife that allows users to share their best moments via social media.
An app that allows you to check your electricity consumption and bills.

We designed it from scratch.
HealthyScore is a survey system that gives you a health score according to health habits and various questions.

We redesigned the application to make it more user friendly.
Safety Mate is the ultimate health & safety app for the construction industry.

We developed Safety Mate from the ground up using Titanium, a cross-platform technology, so that the product can be available for both iOS and Android.
FansNation app is a mobile application that aims to forge closer links between a football fan and his favorite club.

We developed an entirely new version of the application by rebuilding the cross platform app using native iOS and Android
We built this startup app from scratch based on the idea of the client. In addition, our design team did the UI / UX for the app.

Initially we were tasked with simply building an MVP to show off to investors. After seeing the great work we have done, we were further tasked to develop the app to include more features.
Blurred is an app for people to meet in a different, more conversation based way. When the users send their first message to someone, their picture will be blurred to the receiver. As the conversation goes on, the photo will gradually unblur, to finally reveal the mysterious admirer.

Arcanys is a founding partner of Blurred, has invested in this startup, is member of the board and is also acting as CTO for the founders’ team.
HotelQuickly is the last-minute hotel booking app travelers have been waiting for.

We were tasked to help accelerate the launch of the revamped application. Worked on various bug fixes and missing screens inherited from client’s previous developer.
Spine Tests helps determine a patient's spinal angle & blockages by following the spine through images. It takes pictures before and after a chiropractic session.

We created the application from scratch and are now adding new functionalities on a monthly basis.
Adletico connects brands with athletes of all levels in North America for sponsorship.

We developed the application from scratch following the provided prototype.
Launch Website
Gourmet Society Philippines is a loyalty and privilege company in the Philippines that offers its members 20% off their total restaurant bill.

We rewrote the Android and iOS applications from scratch and redesigned the UI for the web application using AngularJS.
Kiwi is a micropayments platform with a swipe device to accept credit cards and monitor inventory. It has all the features of a checkout app for micro entreprise.

We designed the interface for every aspects.
Resound is an iOS app to track and view employee details and work related tasks.

We built the entire project from scratch, from business analysis, to the UI / UX design and developing both the front and backend of the app.
Oporto is a mobile ordering and reward system that gathers information from users and rewards them based on their interests being tracked by the app.

We built the application from scratch, planned and integrated the local database,focusing on the enhanced user experience.
The Opticale is a mobile game for detecting the creatures of the Astral World, a world parallel to ours recently discovered by scientists.

We help implement new features that use geolocation and augmented reality.
Ginja is an online food delivery application headquartered in Bangkok. The app is in direct competition with Foodpanda.

We helped Ginja with development and testing. We currently have one of our developer as part of their team. We also invested in Ginja.
Quizzler is a mobile learning application to take advantage of the beavior of today's students and learners spending more and more time on their smartphones.

We developped both the iOS and Android app.