SocialBoost is a rotative loan platform, a shared savings group.

We designed it from scratch.
We created a fast and reliable way to report disasters and facilitate aid to areas affected.

We worked with ICM to create the flow of the entire system and designed it from scratch.
We worked with BNP to brainstorm and create a commodities trading platform.

Design and create a working prototype.
USSportsTickets sells sports tickets to australians that go to the US. Our mission was to clean up the actual website, make if more efficient and easier to navigate.

We redesigned the entire website.
FieldWiz is a device that tracks player movements during practice or game and collects information to help coaches and players quantify and improve the performance.

We made the data more user friendly and gave it better visualization. We're currently building the web platform.
Prime Capital wanted a mobile app for checking the status of your loan application.

We designed it from scratch.
An app that allows you to check your electricity consumption and bills.

We designed it from scratch.
Kiwi is a micropayments platform with a swipe device to accept credit cards and monitor inventory. It has all the features of a checkout app for micro entreprise.

We designed the interface for every aspects.
HealthyScore is a survey system that gives you a health score according to health habits and various questions.

We redesigned the application to make it more user friendly.
As a Software development company we spend a lot of time estimating projects.

We decided to build a software development estimation tool to help us be more accurate and save us some time.

We designed it from scratch.
Sharemrkt is an online platform where businesses from around the globe showcase their products/services to other people or companies themselves.

We designed it from scratch and developed the web platform.
Fangear is an Australian online store specializing in the retail of merchandise for major sporting teams and famous sport brands. Fangear celebrates fans by offering their customers interesting membership and loyalty program.

The Arcanys’ Design Team is offering design support to and numerous team-specific websites around the same sports.