7 Basic Interview Practices That You Should Not Forget

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Last month I published an article entitled “5 Tips for Developers Conducting Interviews” gleaned from my experience as a recruiter working with technical hiring managers. Then I thought, what about the candidates? What should they be looking out for when landing that interview? Here are some tips to consider when you...

5 Tips for Developers Conducting Interviews

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When I first joined the IT recruitment scene I got quite the culture shock, coming from a background of working in Human Resources for the United Nations. Back then, and in spite of regular criticism of the UN, we received CVs by the thousands from Continue Reading.

How to Avoid Hiring Bad Programmers

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There is an old proverb that says one bad apple can spoil the bunch. This old saying speaks truly when it comes to startups. Undoubtedly, you want to hire the best people, which could be expensive. Hiring professionals can cost you a lot, but hiring amateurs can cost you more....