Coding Jedi Referral Program

Arcanys’ Coding Jedi Referral Program

Know someone who you think would be a perfect fit at Arcanys?

Refer them to us and get 5K for every hired candidate! You will not only earn extra cash but also help a friend boost their career. Here are the simple steps for you to follow:

Step 1

Email with your complete name, phone number and your referral’s complete name, contact number and technology.

Step 2

Expect a phone call from our recruiters to validate your entry.

Step 3

Your referral will also get a phone call from one of our recruiters and will be invited to go through the recruitment process.

Step 4

When your referral fits the bill and starts working at Arcanys, you get your spot cash 5K incentive!

Start checking your contacts now and send those referrals to us!

*Rules and eligibility apply.

About the author

Mich is a Recruitment Specialist at Arcanys. She has always been interested in people's different personality and cognitive ability making Recruitment a perfect career choice for her. Her out-of-the-box ideas and passion to bringing top talent make her a great addition to the team.

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