Skype vs. HipChat vs. Slack: Tools for Offshore Development Collaboration

Skype vs. Hipchat vs. Slack: Tools for

Skype, HipChat, Slack: Which online communication tool to collaborate with your outsourced team? Miscommunication, while perceived as a normal occurrence in outsourcing, should be the exception and not the rule. Since outsourcing follows a sensitive project timeline, miscommunication can result in delays in the development. Worse, it can affect the quality...

5 Key Areas in Evaluating Software Development Firms

5 key areas in evaluating software development firms blog banner

What you need to keep in mind when looking for a software development company Contracting the services of an outsourcing software development firm is a major investment. With so much time, resources, and money at stake, you want to ensure that you’re Continue Reading.

3 Essentials of Rewarding Software Development Outsourcing

Essentials of software development outsourcing

Three essentials for a successful software development outsourcing venture Software development outsourcing offers numerous benefits for small and large businesses. This set-up can reduce operational costs and provide companies access to industry experts during the period of the project. It’s no wonder that more companies today are .