Skype vs. HipChat vs. Slack: Tools for Offshore Development Collaboration

Skype vs. Hipchat vs. Slack: Tools for

Miscommunication, while perceived as a normal occurrence in outsourcing, should be the exception and not the rule. Since outsourcing follows a sensitive project timeline, miscommunication can result in delays in the development. Worse, it can affect the quality of the end-product. Organizations and providers should continuously adapt to the changing and...

5 Key Areas in Evaluating Software Development Firms

5 key areas in evaluating software development firms blog banner

Contracting the services of an outsourcing software development firm is a major investment. With so much time, resources, and money at stake, you want to ensure that you’re getting what you are paying for. Working with the right vendor can help you Continue Reading.

3 Essentials of Rewarding Software Development Outsourcing

Essentials of software development outsourcing

Software development outsourcing offers numerous benefits for small and large businesses. This set-up can reduce operational costs and provide companies access to industry experts during the period of the project. It’s no wonder that more companies today are outsourcing software development. However, outsourcing Continue Reading.