Is the IT Outsourcing Industry Going Through a Paradigm Shift?


Has IT outsourcing shifted to a new paradigm? IT and software development has become one the most important industries of the world in the 21st century. Due to the high cost associated with IT development, developed countries have increasingly adopted a strategy of outsourcing, or offshoring, some Continue Reading.

Gamification Services: Increase User Engagement and Improve Business Efficiency


Gamification services in the service of employees’ participation in the business improvement processes Gamification is definitely a hot topic these days with businesses increasingly demanding game-like features in their business applications to increase employees’ participation in the business improvement processes, and as replacement of costly legacy systems. With our background in the...

Arcanys Foundation, Philippines: Information about the Ermita Project (phase 1 results)


Arcanys Early Learning Foundation: parent coaching program proven effective Arcanys is committed to the Cebu community and has setup an official Foundation to pursue an early math learning program. The mission of the Arcanys Early Learning Foundation is to help parents of preschoolers to be the first teachers of their children,...